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Have you been dreaming of a career in skincare or makeup?
Our Esthetics program might be the perfect start.

Cosmetology Education
Demand For Esthetics

The popularity of esthetics is on the rise, with an increasing demand. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, skincare specialists are expected to witness a 17% growth in job opportunities from 2019 to 2029.

Welcome to our Esthetics program, where we provide students with the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience to succeed in the world of beauty and skincare. Our program is designed to provide you with comprehensive training in the field of esthetics, preparing you to become a licensed esthetician for a successful career in this exciting industry.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including:
  • Skin analysis and assessment
  • Facial treatments
  • Hair removal techniques
  • Makeup application
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Body treatments
Careers You Can Prepare For:
  • Esthetician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Spa Owner
  • Eyelash Specialist
  • Brand Representative
  • Laser Technician
  • Waxing Specialist
  • Influencer
  • And much more
For A Beautiful Education™

You Got This

Admission Requirements

1. Proof of Date of Birth (Driver’s License, Passport, Birth Certificate)

2. Education (High school diploma, GED, Official Transcripts, Foreign Evaluation)

3. Social Security Card (Or Tax ID number)

4. Proof of Name Change (if applicable) (Marriage license, divorce certificate, etc)

5. For foreign students who wish to study in the USA and are interested in applying for a student visa, please see Foreign Student Application for more information.

For Refresher Courses, proof of completion of 1000-hr course from a Cosmetology school or a valid license in Cosmetology must be provided.

Professional Training

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program covers all aspects of esthetics, including skin analysis, facials, hair removal, makeup application, and more. You’ll learn about different skin types, conditions, and treatments, as well as best practices for client care and communication.

Hands-On Training

In addition to classroom learning, our program includes practical training in our state-of-the-art facility. You’ll have the opportunity to work with real clients, using professional-grade products and equipment.

Industry Connections

We have strong relationships with local esthetics businesses and professionals, which can assist you to secure internships or employment after graduation. We also offer career guidance and support, including resume writing and job search strategies.

Flexible scheduling

Our program is designed to accommodate a variety of schedules, with both full-time and part-time options available. We understand that our students have busy lives, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your educational goals while balancing other responsibilities.

Professional development

Our program includes training in business skills and entrepreneurship, helping you to build a successful career in esthetics. You’ll learn about marketing, sales, and customer service, as well as legal and ethical considerations in the industry.

Whether you’re just starting out in the field of esthetics or looking to advance your existing career, our program can provide you with the training and support you need. Contact us today to learn more about our Esthetics program!


Completion of a 600-hour course in Esthetics from a school that is licensed by the New York State Education Department.

Complete and pass both the theoretical and practical examination administered by the Licensing Department of New York.

Take The First Step

The enrollment procedure at American Beauty School is simpler than you anticipate! Our faculty and administrative staff have gone through the same process as you and are available to assist you with your concerns at every stage. Our supportive team will guide you through each step, allowing you to plan your first day in no time.

If you’re prepared to take the initial step, we’re ready to help! If you’re unsure where to begin, we can assist you with that as well. Contact us now to connect with one of our supportive team members!

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