At American Beauty School, we are proud of our 40-year history. We have taken these years to establish our presence in the local community, gain and train highly-experienced instructors, and adapt our curriculum as trends in the beauty industry come and go. We believe that we are special, and that we can offer students something amazing.

What Students Say

As mentioned above, we love to change and grow. We often look to our students and alumni for feedback on how we can continue to improve. Here are some of the most common pieces of feedback we get:

  • Teachers are knowledgeable and have real world experience that relates to me.
  • The attention each student gets is highly satisfactory.
  • The amount of contact students and teachers maintain after graduation makes them feel like family.
  • The education is some of the best.
  • The tuition is affordable.
  • The graduation rates are stable.
  • The diversity is huge.
  • Practicing my skills on local members of the community is fun!
  • The curriculum is diverse.

What We Know

With each year and each beauty trend, we aim to give our students the best education possible. That’s why we teach diversity in our classrooms. Our classes are taught in English and Spanish, so international students can learn a valuable skill while learning a new language. We focus on all hair textures, styles, and types because having a diverse education can make graduates more valuable in the industry.

Students working at ABS

Our Involvement

Our long-standing reputation within our community is what makes our school thrive. Because we care about everyone around us, we like to host events that bring us all closer together. Here are some of the fun things we do locally:

  • Senior Citizen’s Day: we take a day out of the year to visit the elderly in the area. We give manicures and do hairstyling for our senior friends. This gives our students the opportunity to meet someone new, and to have a new experience doing what they love.
  • Breast Cancer Walk: every year we participate in a walk for breast cancer. We enjoy raising money and giving back to those around us who are brave enough to fight.

We participate in several volunteering events throughout the year because our community gives so much to us!

Become A Part of Something Great

Are you ready to learn a skill that can allow you to have career creating amazing hair and makeup looks? Join us! Check out our cosmetology program page and contact us for more information!