What is cosmetology? What does a cosmetologist do? If you have ever pondered these questions you are not alone. In fact, even if you have contemplated becoming a cosmetologist you may not know the answers to these questions, and that’s okay.
The answer to “what is a cosmetologist” can be varied, with everything from what state you are in to what kind of license you are acquiring being a variable.

A woman getting her hair done in a salon
Here in New York state, the requirements for a cosmetology license are clearly set at 1000 hours.
This means that you will be required to attend a licensed cosmetology school in the state of New York for a minimum 1,000 hours of coursework that includes both practical and theory based classes.
These classes will help to prepare students to sit for the state board exams, and become a cosmetologist. This license will open doors for a career at salons, barber shops, and much more.

Some of the coursework that may be covered includes but is not limited to:

  1. Workplace Preparation and Sanitation

  2. Haircutting Techniques

    • Layered Cuts
    • Thinning Cuts
    • Razor Cuts
    • Shaves
  3. Blow Dry Styling

  4. Curling and Styling

    • Thermal
    • Roller Based
    • Up-Do’s
    • Diagonal Pin Curl
    • Finger Waving
  5. Chemical Processes

    • Perming
    • Coloring
    • Relaxing
    • Foiling
    • Restructuring

A man getting his hair braided at a salon

With so much to learn, you can expect that your cosmetology school experience is going to be busy! But don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to make lasting relationships that will see you through this exciting new venture!
If you are ready to begin your journey and master all of these amazing techniques contact us today to get started.