Acquire a Real Skill

You don’t know what you would like to be doing in five years but you feel that getting a Cosmetology license and becoming a hair stylist will give you some control in deciding where you are headed. You have always been curious about the idea of becoming a hairstylist. You are willing to practice hard to get the skills you need to pass the state licensing exam.

Some of our best students felt the same way – the course can be completed in as little as 8 months and we also have part-time and night courses for those that don’t want to give up their current jobs. Don’t leave an interest unfulfilled.

Something I’m Good At

You love making people look and feel great. You like the feeling of pride you get when your work is appreciated. You love to feel the love of a happy client.

The American Beauty School has a student salon located on the ground floor – an advantage that many schools don’t have. Doing hair on friends or dolls is different than working on strangers. Are all your clients going to love you? Learn how to handle it when they don’t.

Own My Own Business

You love to do hair or at least you better, but you are attracted to this field for the business opportunities. The beauty industry is a 50 billion dollar a year industry, but you already knew that.

Before you put out that “Open” sign, be ready to work hard – at ABS we cut hair we don’t cut corners.
Knowing the business will help you run the business later on.

Was the quiz right about you? Why or why not? Please complete the following and let us know your comments. One of our admissions counselors will follow up with you on your answers and to see other applicants results.

Love the Work

You love doing hair, there is nothing else for you. You are probably doing your hair or make-up at this very moment. Why are you not doing this for a living – it would be like getting paid to play?

This field isn’t all play, you need to pass the NY State Licensing exam before you can work in a salon. We currently have state board examiners on staff, helping to insure that our students are up to speed on changes in the exam. A little bit of focus will let you keep having fun.