If beauty is your passion you shouldn’t let anything hold you back, least of all a conflicting schedule. We know how difficult it can be to effectively manage your time. In that light, American Beauty School (ABS) has created a night class program, and here’s why it might be exactly the answer to your scheduling concerns!

Seven Reasons Evening Classes Might Be Perfect for You

If you’ve tried cosmetology or esthetics programs in the past and found that you just couldn’t quite make them fit with your schedule, consider taking night classes. Here are just seven of the reasons it may make your life easier, taking you one step closer to achieving your goals of becoming a beauty professional!

Skip the Commute

The New York City lifestyle is one that people have turned into films and created aesthetics around, but we who actually live here know it isn’t always so breezy. The traffic of our day-to-day can be frustrating enough, but having to do it to get to work and school? Forget about it! That’s just one more reason that night school might be a better fit for you. Whether you’re traveling to school on the bus, train, subway, or car you may find that New York can be less busy when traveling at night. If the commute to ABS was going to be a huge turnoff for you, consider night classes!
A beauty student walks into the subway entrance in New York

Work a Full or Part-Time Job

We know our beauty students are hard working. Don’t sacrifice your job or your paycheck to pursue your schooling. Attending night classes can free up your day to continue working while attending school. Our admissions officers can help you work through managing your job and your school work.

Spend Time With Your Children

If you have children you know how important it is that you be there while they grow up. You value taking them to school or daycare, going on field trips, and watching them turn into amazing little people. All of those activities typically take place during the daytime. Taking night classes could allow you to put your littles to bed or with a partner or babysitter, and you can then be free to pursue your beauty goals! Night classes allow for more involvement in this way with your children.
A mother walks her child on a sidewalk

Run Errands, Clean, or Relax at Home

We all know how difficult it can be to get your home and life in order after a busy week. There’s a lot to do if you’re balancing school, cooking, cleaning, and making appointments on time. Attending night classes can free up some time during the day and spread that “cleaning and errands day” throughout the week.

Besides attending night classes, one effective way we’ve seen our students balance everything is to use a planner. We’ve also seen our students put in a lot of extra work at home to ensure they’re up to school standards on all cosmetology best practices. Having that much free time during the day can allow for extra homework and practice time.

Get That Needed Beauty Sleep

It’s no secret that most people love snagging a few more minutes of sleep in the morning. There’s just something special about the way your bed feels that makes it difficult to break away. With night classes you can give into that little temptation without the guilt or the consequences of sleeping in. While we won’t suggest you stay out each night and sleep all day, we know the value a bit of extra sleep can do for our students.

Opportunities for Client Appointments

One of the amazing benefits of going to cosmetology school is getting important real life experience by working in our student salon*. While our day school students do have ample opportunity to practice their art, our night students have perhaps a bit more. The reality of life is that most people are busy during the day and thus need to make their appointments for night or evenings. You can be ready to provide a quality hair, skin, or nail appointment when they do!
A barber student blow dries and brushes the hair of a male client

Individualized Attention

The final awesome benefit of taking ABS’s night classes is the type of education you can receive. We all learn in different ways and if you better when things are personalized and one-on-one, you might find that night classes can provide you with just that. Our dedicated instructors all strive to provide every student with the education they need, but when day classes become full sometimes students fear to ask questions or take their time on a project. Night classes can be liberating for people in this way!

Are You Ready to Begin Your Training?

Have we convinced you? Our night cosmetology and esthetics programs can be your ticket to achieving your beauty goals, and we’re happy that we’re able to provide this alternative schedule to help you get there. If you think night school might be just the perfect fit for you, please reach out to us at (718)931-7400. We look forward to hearing from you!

*All Services Performed by Students Under the Supervision of Licensed Instructors.