Backstage At New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is the place to be for anyone in the beauty and fashion industry. It’s where the designers, models, and consumers organize to share ideas, see the seasons upcoming new designs and get the latest scoop on what is trending. The American Beauty School Beauty Team had the privilege to work backstage of multiple shows at New York Fashion Week in February! Our team was in the thick of backstage activities doing makeup and hair on the gorgeous runway models.


An event like NYFW not only provided us with the opportunity to connect with popular designers, models, and photographers, but also allowed our students to showcase their cosmetology skills to all! This kind of exposure—especially from such a renowned event like New York Fashion Week can lead to job offers, freelance work, and other incredible opportunities. Who knows… as you are working, you may even get the opportunity to walk the runway as a stylist-turned-model! 3 of our very own American Beauty School Students did! After working hair and makeup, our students were given the opportunity to walk the runway in designs by Laxo Femme Couture and Lawrence Pizzi!  Way to go Shamell, Shadee, and Dorian!

What a truly priceless and incredible experience! We are so grateful to be able to provide opportunities like this for our students. The American Beauty School Beauty Team is our way of continuing to do that. The Beauty Team travels to and works fashion shows, charity events, photoshoots, and anywhere we can provide our students with the experience to utilize their talents for larger productions. Our next show will be Fashion Week Brooklyn on April 14th, where we will be working with multiple designers and on multiple models for an exciting event. The theme of the show is Sustainable Fashion X Avant Garde, so we are looking forward to extremely creative looks! If you are interested in joining the ABS Beauty Team, and taking advantage of awesome opportunities with us, click here.

If you’re passionate about beauty and want to turn that passion into a career, we are here for you. Our programs in cosmetology, nail specialty, and soon esthetics will give you the hands-on experience, real-life experiences, and industry connections you need to succeed. Don’t wait – apply today and start your journey to a beautiful future! Call us Monday-Friday at 718.931.7400 or email