Grab a dab of paint, eyeliner, flowers and glitter and stun them all this holiday with your very own, unique-to-you sugar skull style.

Intimidated? Sure, there’s nothing like a hair and makeup fiasco to make beauty icons like Marilyn MonROLL in her grave! But we are dead serious about this easy Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, makeovers and how-tos. Knock ‘em dead so you and Norma Jean can BOTH R.I.P.

Average. Timeless!

Have you seen something you like? Go for it! Freehand some simple hearts, flowers and strokes on your forehead and cheeks for an easy classic result. Look us dead in the face though. And, don’t neglect the glitter.

TIME to Try Something New

Don’t let the learning-curve steer you away from trying something new or unusual! It may seem simple for Day of the Dead but surely it makes a statement! Cater this to your face shape by shading all the sunken areas of the face. It serves as a great base to something more bold or can stand all on its own! If time is ticking, all it takes is a little blackened shadow to, ironically, make you look more alive!

It’s Electric!

Some rules are meant to be broken! Modernize and simplify your look. Throw plenty of black in the hollows of your face, leaving the rest of the surface looking natural. Then trace with your favorite accent colors. (Or all colors like this glowing babe).

Fortune Favors the BOLD

So you’re covered in white paint and maybe you’re feeling stuck…now what? Go from washed-out to knock-out with pops of neons around eyes or even on the lips.


Looking to cut your makeover time in half? Don’t worry. Wearing two faces doesn’t make you two-faced. In fact, it’s striking! Even better, your abuela (grandmother) will surely recognize you.


As part of the Dia de los Muertos celebration, flowers are an important symbol of guiding deceased ancestors into the next life. What better way to celebrate this important aspect than to incorporate it into your makeup? Put on some white cream base and the marigolds and roses are sure to stand out. Whether you apply them to frame your eyes or even wear them as a crown, flowers are a great way to add some life into your design.

Rose Gold

Wanting to have your sugar skull look accentuate your features? Just add a little gold to it. Rose gold is a perfect way to make your features stand out. The black eyeshadow against the rose gold accents can help your eyes pop. Add rose gold onto your lips and nose and you’re sure to make your mark.

Own a Color

Want to claim a color for your Day of the Dead look? Go for it! This is a great way for your makeup creativity to shine through. Whether you create an intricate design of a flower or you take your makeup around your eyes to the next level, owning a color can make your creativity blossom.

Black and White

This look is great for anyone who is deadly serious about looking like a skeleton. The best part about this choice is that you only have to worry about two colors. The black makeup will always look great and striking against your white base so don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs you’ve been dying to try out.

Go Bright

Black and white not your thing? Go the opposite route and be bold with your face palette. This is the perfect way to mix and match your favorite colors. Just apply some white base and let your colorful side come out. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll come up with.

Put Your Best Face Forward

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