You may think that the life of a hairstylist resides strictly behind the chair in a salon, and if that’s your passion, you may choose to remain there. However, if you’re looking for a creative career in a unique workplace, cosmetology may be able to offer that! Here are five unique places a cosmetologist can work.

Mobile Hairstyling

There are many reasons why someone would need their hairstylist to come to them. Weddings and girls’ night-in parties are some of the most popular reasons. Those who are unable to leave their homes for a haircut or treatment may also need the services of a mobile hairstylist. One of coolest parts of this job is the traveling. As a hairstylist, you have the potential to meet all sorts of new and exciting people, see new places, and put that experience on wheels!

Companies like beGlammed hire mobile hair and makeup artists, and you can sometimes find openings in and near New York, NY!

Salon Manager

You may not have guessed that salon managers hold a Cosmetology license, but many of them do! Cosmetology programs, like the one at American Beauty School, often cover business management skills, and these can potentially translate to a job in management. If you love what you do, and you want to help build better beauty pros, consider a management position!

Locally owned salons are one option, but companies like Ulta, and even retail providers like Mattel, hire salon managers.

salon owner with arms crossed

Beauty Advisor

You don’t have to be applying makeup or cutting hair to utilize your skills as a licensed Cosmetologist. Being a beauty advisor means helping your clients find the right shade, products, or style. While your clients may also ask you to help with application, beauty advisors are more often looked at as expert consultants.

Beauty advisors can work at a local or franchise salon, but they may also have the opportunity to work at a product distribution company or even in retail.

Volunteer Cosmetologist

While volunteer positions are not often paid, we believe this is one of the most unique and rewarding jobs you could take on. Volunteering as a Cosmetologist means visiting groups of people in need, like the elderly and the terminally ill, and helping them feel their very best! Simple manicures, hairstyling, or even facial treatments might be on the menu to help these wonderful people shine!

Volunteering can also translate into visiting high schools in the area and helping teens learn more about the Cosmetology profession and how to get there. Help empower the local community by volunteering!

barber gives a haircut to a salon client

Cosmetology Specialist

There are many areas of cosmetology you could specialize in. Brow bars, makeup bars, and blow out bars are becoming more and more popular as mainstream culture puts a bigger emphasis on personal care. Having a speciality can make your skillset very unique and in demand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t specialize in more than one. We encourage you to try it all, and find out what you love to do the most.

Do These Jobs Sound Like Your Dream Job?

Are you dreaming of one day applying for one of these jobs? They all require a Cosmetology license, and that starts with an education! Contact us today at (718) 931-7400 to find out how to get started in our Cosmetology program!