If you’re a beauty salon owner or manager, it likely hasn’t been an easy year. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck earlier this year, salons were one of the first “inessential” businesses to close their doors. Two (or more) months of closure wasn’t great for your business.

Now, businesses in many U.S. states are gradually reopening, and that includes salons. Whether your establishment has already opened its doors or you’re considering doing so soon, you may be wondering how you can keep your business safe for your employees and patrons.

Just because the country is reopening doesn’t mean the virus is gone. On the contrary, it is still alive and well, and the nationwide reopening may bring on a “second wave.” Yet, in order to keep your business alive, you can’t stay closed forever. (And trust us, your patrons are just as eager to get back in your salon chair!) 

With that being said, here are some thoughts to consider before and after you reopen to ensure your establishment is as pandemic-safe as possible.

Do your homework.

Every area is different in terms of the number of cases and the level of reopening. Make sure you’re aware of the status quo before you decide to reopen your business. If your establishment is located in a congested area with a high and growing number of cases, you may want to pump the brakes. However, if your area has a flat-lined or decreasing number of cases, you should be in the clear.

Consider your and your employees’ health.

The most important consideration before reopening your business is your and your employees’ health. If you or an employee has a preexisting health condition that would make them vulnerable to the symptoms of COVID-19, you should either wait to reopen or wait to call the employee(s) back to work.

Additionally, you should feel confident that you and your employees do not have the virus. It’s possible for one to have coronavirus without showing symptoms, but if you or an employee feels sick in any way, stay away from your salon.

Follow all state-sanctioned safety protocols.

If you do choose to reopen your establishment, make sure to follow all state-sanctioned safety protocols. This will vary state-to-state, but here are a few rules of thumb:

  • All salon employees should wear face masks.
  • Customers should make appointments. No walk-ins allowed.
  • No group appointments.
  • Stagger appointments and observe six-feet social distancing within the salon.
  • Remove magazines and other frequently touched objects to limit germ spread.
  • Wearing latex gloves and change them between clients.
  • Put up plexiglass dividers (at nail stations).
  • Allow 15 minutes between appointments to disinfect.

Communicate with your customers.

Last but not least, boost communication with your customers. Your salon patrons may be on the fence about returning to public spaces. The more you communicate your safety protocols, whether on your website and social media or over the phone, the safer they’ll feel and the more likely they are to do their part to keep your establishment safe.

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