Mothers tend to be a great source of knowledge when it comes to self-care, proper pampering, and timeless beauty techniques. They’ve honed the craft of looking good and they’ve spent years achieving that look. 

With so many different makeup tips, cosmetic brands, and beauty hacks out there, it helps to return to basics and hear what moms have to say about the centuries-old art of maquillage. 

Mom tip #1: Less is more. 

Most moms have already traversed the young years of rebellious and dramatic makeup looks, from long eyeliner wings to bold red lips. As their tastes change, so does their outlook on what constitutes a stunning look, and the consensus is often that “less is more.”

While there’s a time and place for bold looks, the natural look is far more flattering as you mature, and they know by now that a little mascara goes a long way. There’s nothing a swipe of eyeliner, bit of blush, and touch of lip gloss can’t do. 

Mom tip #2: Beautiful skin is your best weapon. 

Sure, there are foundations, concealers, and all kinds of cover-ups for blemishes and imperfections. However, there’s a reason you’ve probably heard mom preach so much about the importance of washing your face and never falling asleep with makeup on. 

At the end of the day, bright and glowing skin is your best asset. Washing and moisturizing regularly (but especially after you’ve been wearing makeup) helps your skin retain its elasticity and, therefore, make it much more conducive to makeup applications. 

Remember how mom used to tell you to drink more water too? Well, that’s also an essential beauty “hack” for radiant skin. 

Mom tip #3: Spend a little more for quality. 

When you’re in your 20s, it’s much easier to opt for the $2 drugstore lipstick. Money tends to be tight, but you often end up spending more when you prefer to shell out on low-grade cosmetics. Many moms swear by the importance of spending a little more for quality. 

Especially with makeup, higher cost often means higher-quality ingredients. This impacts how well the makeup stays throughout the day, the likelihood of it giving you an allergic reaction, and its overall longevity. 

Many cheap cosmetics will dry out, get watery, or become unusable after a short period of time. Meanwhile, quality cosmetics will last you months and beyond. 

Mom tip #4: Embrace your natural beauty. 

You’ll probably always be the best-looking person in the world to your mom, and there’s a reason she’ll work hard to remind you of it. Don’t shy away from all the beautiful assets she gifted you, whether it’s fabulous hair, beautiful skin, or killer eyes.

Great makeup will work hard to accentuate your favorite features, not cover up your perceived flaws. Your favorite makeup look should make you feel the way your mom sees you. So, this Mother’s Day, shoot her a quick thank you for being the original beauty influencer in your life.