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Our mission at the American Beauty School has been to create an environment where the pursuit of beauty and excellence are paramount. We work to instill strong fundamental skills and a genuine appreciation for a career in cosmetology.

Our students receive a quality education with an emphasis on character building and developing good work ethics, which will serve to enrich all their future endeavors.

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Tuition is affordable, payment options and loans are available. Government financial aid is now available to those students who qualify. Also approved for students who qualify for the G.I. Bill. Apporved educational institution with New York City and State WIA/ITA and VESID programs.

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A Beautiful Education™

Our focus is on acquiring fundamental skills along with the personal and professional character traits that make a great Beautician.

With a long 40 year history, the American Beauty School is a NYC institution one of the oldest and most established beauty schools in the city. We have been proudly educating aspiring hairstylists in our Bronx neighborhood facility for over 40 years. Hairstyles and trends have changed over the years but our core principals have remained the same. Simply put, we cut hair but we don’t cut corners.

In order to innovate you need to draw from fundamental knowledge but at the same time embrace different perspectives and new approaches. Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, have years of solid teaching experience and reflect the diversity of our city. Students benefit from learning about all different hair types and techniques.

Imagine and Achieve. In order to attain the career you imagine you will need to focus on the whole person. Commitment, patience, and self esteem along with technical skills will help you face the challenges of the profession. A hands-on approach to your training here at ABS will help you develop these characteristics.

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The American Beauty School, Inc., licensed by the New York State Education Department, is a comprehensive, accredited, post-secondary vocational school.

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Financial Aid

Government financial aid is now available to those students who qualify. For more information on qualifying for financial aid please contact ABS through the Request Info form.

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American Beauty School, Inc. • 1380 Metropolitan Avenue • Bronx, NY 10462 • tel:(718) 931-7400

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